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    2013 AIS Region 4 Fall Meeting


Friday, October 18th

Dr. T. Michael Likins
Chesterfield County Extension Agent

Topic: Summer & Fall Diseases
in Central Virginia Gardens

--Michael Likins


Dr. T. Michael Likins, Extension Agent, has been a great resource for homeowners and Green Industry professionals battling plant diseases in Chesterfield County, VA. His office has a one of a kind diagnostic lab to process field samples for timely identifications and control recommendations. Mike s efforts have given residents better management tools to maintain their suburban landscaping. Dr. Likins  program on Friday night at the AIS Region 4 Fall Meeting focused on three disease issues plaguing annuals, perennials and woody shrubs. He recently made headlines in the Richmond area with the discovery of Boxwood Blight in Chesterfield. The fungal pathogen is a major threat to a popular selection in landscape designs for Central Virginia Gardens. Rose Rosette Disease, a virus, has been spreading through the wild rose population in the Eastern, Southern and Midwestern United States for years. It is now proven to be lethal to many ornamental rose species and cultivars. There is no effective chemical control. Likins stressed prompt disease identification. Affected plants (foliage, stems and roots) should be immediately removed to prevent further infection. Impatiens has been a popular summer annual for decades. They have helped create eye-catching color splashes particularly in shady garden areas. Nature unfortunately has finally caught up to its exciting hybrids. Downy Mildew devastated plantings in late summer and fall in 2012. Mike discussed the disease mechanism and proper identification. New Guinea Impatiens has a high resistance to the fungus, but the future appears bleak for the other hybrid types. Please see accompanying fact sheets or contact your local Cooperative Extension Service Office for more information. A special thank you to Mike for another timely presentation on diseases plaguing Central Virginia gardens.

Impatiens Downy Mildew
Boxwood Blight 2011
Boxwood Blight characteristics with VDACS
Rose Rosette characteristics
450-620 Rose Rosette Disease